How to Quickly and Efficiently Switch Your Phone System

58% Savings

Since switching to Teams Calling


Wasted with back-and-forth communication

PRODUCTIVITY ENHANCEMENT: With all telecommunications and collaboration platforms on one application, CSQ staff have experienced an increase in workflow efficiency.

INCREASED SCALABILITY: Teams Calling allows greater flexibility and scalability, meaning CSQ’s communication infrastructure can adapt and expand where necessary.

What’s the best way for a business to make calls? Simple: use Microsoft Teams Calling set up by Sentrian.

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) and Sentrian first began working together in 2010, when CSQ was looking to create a fully hosted IT environment for themselves, moving from an internal IT support team to an external provider.

Since the initial partnership, a strong professional relationship has been built between CSQ and Sentrian, based on trust, mutual understanding and effective communication between both parties.

The Challenge

CSQ wanted a new PBX system to remain advanced in their field and increase their accessibility to staff, training providers, industry partners and workers. The organisation also wanted a communications system that is:

  • Value for money
  • Straightforward and uncomplicated to use; and
  • Easily adaptable to their existing systems.

CSQ also wanted a system transfer that would be quick and painless, including keeping existing numbers associated with the accounts and the company.

However, switching phone systems isn’t always the easiest task for a business to do. There are a lot of moving parts that go with the service, and often delays due to ‘back-and-forth’ communications with large telecommunications providers. Navigating the intricacies of provider contracts, ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure, and monitoring security risks are all part of the challenge.

Maintaining business continuity during the transition period is also a crucial part of the process to minimise disruptions as the organisation continues its operations.

The Solution

When CSQ decided to go forward with moving to a new telecommunications system, they trusted Sentrian with the task of setting up a PBX that best suited their needs and requirements. Building upon years of collaboration and trust, CSQ knew they could rely on Sentrian to deliver a seamless and efficient solution that met their specific requirements.

"A key differentiator when working with Sentrian was their commitment to working with us over the long term. Most telcos are only interested in selling a one-off product. Sentrian’s long-term approach and focus on ongoing high-quality service mark them apart."

Based on CSQ’s needs and requirements, Sentrian discussed the option of migrating to Teams Calling, outlining all the ways in which the software aligned with CSQ’s ultimate goal.

Sentrian configured Teams Calling to align with CSQ’s existing telecom infrastructure and business operations. This included customising call routing rules and integrating the organisation’s established contact directories. Knowing how important it is for CSQ to be accessible to clients, Sentrian carefully migrated CSQ’s existing phone numbers to ensure continuity of service without any disruption to ongoing operations.

During the entire process, Sentrian remained readily available to assist CSQ with any technical issues or concerns, providing extra support and guidance to the organisation when necessary, and provided comprehensive onboarding sessions for staff to ensure they were fully equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate their new system effectively.


At CSQ, the successful Teams Calling implementation has not just met but exceeded their expectations. By choosing Sentrian as their trusted partner, CSQ has unlocked a powerful communication solution that not only meets their current needs but also positions them for future success. With Teams Calling setup, CSQ will be able to adapt and thrive in today’s increasingly digital business environment.

While the idea of changing PBX systems can seem daunting and complicated to businesses, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be. Thorough planning, clear communication, and utilising experienced professionals can help reduce risks and ensure a successful transition.